Is Your Condo a Vacation Rentals Friendly Condo?

Vacation Rentals Friendly Condo List

Vacation Rentals Friendly Condo

Do Not Buy Short Term Properties before reading this. I write the article to make owners aware of the things you must do to avoid fines and nightmares if before buying a property for short term offerings. It is like any other business. You will need licenses, insurance, permits, an accountant, etc to run the business but the first thing is to buy where the building allows it. Below is a Vacation Rentals Friendly Condo list where my company manages units. Our team spends most of our days checking in/out guests, cleaning and maintaining units on these apartments.

PropertyResort FeeGuests Parking CostExclusive Benefits for ownersOther Costs
Beachwalk ResortNo Fee$26.5/day $175/monthRooftop pool and beach club.
The TidesNo Fee$35/weekGuests enjoy full access to all amenities.Wrist band to access common areas.